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Live: CD
  • Live: CD
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A double album set (2 CDs) recorded live which sounds like you are right there on stage with the musicians. Real music with lots of blended styles and guitar sounds, vocals, B3, drums. Solid arrangements with improvisation and extended jams to enjoy.

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are you listening?: CD
  • are you listening?: CD
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A collection of studio recordings which display Jack’s R&B and southern music influences. From as funky as you can get, right on down to smooth, calm, and reflective. Heartfelt lyrics, passionate vocals, and lots of musical interplay between the instruments.

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Do What's Right: CD
  • Do What's Right: CD
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This release was long in the making. There are nine songs within eight tracks providing over 68 minutes of music on this album. All of the songs are written/co-written by Jack with the exception of "Oh Glory How Happy I Am" which was written by Rev. Gary Davis.

The performances will give the listener a taste of Jack's live shows. Some of the titles may be familiar, but the arrangements have been changed and extended with longer solos and improvisations.

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Jack Pearson: CD
  • Jack Pearson: CD
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Jack shows his versatility on this album of 12 original instrumentals covering a wide range of musical styles from Blues, Latin and Funk to Gospel, Jazz and Rock. Jack used several different guitars to match these styles.

Special guest musicians include Jaimoe (Allman Brothers Band), Jim Horn (George Harrison), Paul Langosch (Tony Bennett), Jimmy Nalls (Sea Level) and A.J. McMahon (Jimmy Buffett).

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Step Out!: CD
  • Step Out!: CD
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This album is a soulful blend of musical styles with an upbeat feel. It's Jack's first solo album of 10 originals. The album is filled with amazing guitar work and smooth vocals. Many JP fans will recognize Track 5, "I'm Not Crying", as Jack performed this song live with the Allman Brothers Band. Tracks 7 and 8, "My Old Friend" and "Highpockets", are among fan favorites from Jack's live performances.

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William Howse & Jack Pearson: CD
  • William Howse & Jack Pearson: CD
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Jack and William perform authentic acoustic Blues originals that recall an earlier, more rural style, merging tradition with personal expericence that reaches the listener and touches the soul. 

Jack and William share vocal duties on the album. William is featured on harmonica. Jack plays resonator and acoustic guitars, fingerstyle, with solid, swinging rhythm and lots of slide work in open and standard tunings. 

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Digital Audio (purchase thru bandcamp)

Ukulele JP Style

Jack Pearson

Ukulele Instrumental Music.
20 songs, no overdubs.
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